CV (Curriculum Vitae) for Vulcanus program

Writing blog in english teach me an importance of output and my poor knowledge of expression. So it's probably useful training when someone wants to brush up his/her skill. Actually, I had realized that through writing CV for VinE program corrected by the staff of international office in my university.

Then, I'd like to compare my two motivation letter, the first is before corrected, and the second is after. The latter is not only grammaticaly corrected but also totaly rewrited.


My major is mechanical engineering. I have endeavoured to learn the basic engineering knowledge during undergraduate student. I also positively participated in the research activity and engineering projects both in and out of our campus.

In the class, I learned four fundamental dynamics: mechanical dynamics, thermodynamics, material dynamics, and hydrodynamics through the class and the experiment with concentration. The robot contest of street performance is one of the unique programs in our major. The content is to fabricate the robot which is aimed to make the audience amused and a competition of their performance. The purpose of this program is to learn by experience through a series of develop process from the planning to the presentation. Finally we participated in the contest outside the campus and tasted the pleasure to have the public enjoyed.

The theme of my graduation thesis is about the control of an actuator for electrical discharge machining and the processing of electrical discharge machining. In the research for the thesis, I am conscious of learning the process of the research, not to mention learning the knowledge along the theme.

Outside the class, I manufactured CanSat with volunteers and participated in the experiment conducted in Nevada. CanSat is a model of a satellite. It is as same size as 500ml can for cooling beverages and has a transmitter, GPS receiver, and a micro computer. We launch the CanSat at a height of approximately 5km by the rocket and conducted the experiments of the control of the CanSat the transmission while it was in the air.

As above mentioned, I have not only inputted the knowledge but also been outputted the knowledge. The first reason of my application is that the Vulcanus program is a golden opportunity to practice it over the international community. I recognize that my good point is being able to make an effort for achieve the goal. I’d like to try to know how my knowledge and my effort bear fruit in Europe, which is an achievement-oriented society.

Another reason is that I want to know an engineer's work before my employment. I entered the department of engineering to work as engineer for space development in the future. But I got to know that the space development is just one of the various kinds of choice through reading books and hearing from my seniors. Then I came to feel that space development may not be the best choice. So this program attracts me because I can experience the real work as engineer and there are possibilities to find the work which I have never expected.

Finally, my impression of the Europe is kind of longing. When I looked through books on EU, I was interested in European countries’ rational judgement and energy in integration and painful reforms such as in Italy. If I live Europe on a long term, I will watch how the integration brings benefits to people's lives.


An old documentary film about the Apollo 13th brought me great motivation to decide my undergraduate study at an engineering department. The space engineering is thus in my mind whenever I stood at crossroads to seek my career. I will choose aerospace engineering as my major at the graduate school through manufacturing and operating a small satellite. After finishing master’s course, I want to be an engineer putting my knowledge to account.

One of my resent reading experiences suggested that an active engineer may well need to be international-minded.

According to “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman, the advance in the information and communication technology enables us to work more efficiently with the global division of labour regardless of geographical distance and time-zone difference. However, even such technological breakthroughs has been utilized, nothing can be interchangeable to face-to-face communication for the problem which is based on the way of thinking or culture. A mutual cultural understanding is always necessary to establish a smooth communication.

The same can be said for engineers. It is certain that more and more engineers will have to work with foreign colleagues or companies in the next few decades. Therefore, an experience in different cultures at my age of twenties is important as groundwork for communication with people from various cultural areas to become an active engineer.

Europe is greatly attractive environment in my view of acquiring an international way of thinking because there are a lot of multinational businesses and people who have an international carrier. Moreover, their culture is rather different from Japanese one. For example, the past history of wars had people in Europe establish the EU to overcome cultural and language barriers. In addition, money and labour can freely move within the EU. These are opposite to the Japanese behavior which seems to be good at embracing a foreign culture but is exclusive to foreign people.

An internship is more suitable way than study abroad for me to get a practical experience in a foreign country. Studying abroad is not always necessary to learn the engineering because the Japanese educational institution is well-developed. I'd like to seek to know Europe more, which can be seen an achievement-oriented society.

...sometimes too sophisticated sentences appear in the second one, but that's life. Finally, I totaly appreciate Mr. Hashida's correction.


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